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Update: Reports are that the Harkinses have lost the baby in Sarah’s womb, but they are still fighting to save Sarah. Please continue to pray for the family and for Sarah’s recovery.
An urgent need for prayers for an alumna, her alumnus husband, and their young family.

Sarah (Schultzenberg- Handmaids of the Lord ‘04) and Eric Harkins (Brothers of the Eternal Song ‘04) are in desperate need of our prayers. Sarah, who is 5 months pregnant with the Harkins’ 5th child was stung by many wasps. This caused a series of medical events which led to a brain aneurism. Sarah is now in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator. The word from the hospital is that the situation is grim, and Sarah needs a miracle. Please, please pray for a miracle for this young family. (FUS)



Hiccstrid Parallels (2/?) 


omg I’ve always loved Astrid for this. She doesn’t just try and talk to him at a normal level, because she knows he avoids eye contact. He’s used of a life of people LITERALLY looking down at him, so he just escapes by glancing downward when he feels inadequate. But she won’t have it from him— she gets down ON HIS LEVEL and makes him look up. Makes him see what she sees: somebody worthwhile and worth looking straight in the eye.



1) Christian charity (also see Who Invented Charity?)
The Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul: the first professional nurses

2) Monsignor Georges Lemaître

3) Brother Andrew Gordon, OSB

4) Fra. Roger Bacon, OFM

5) Father Roberto Busa, SJ: Inventor of Hypertext

6) Abbot Gregor Mendel, OSA

Source: Catholic Memes

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Being a Catholic does not mean you “can’t believe in science”.

When I tried to read Shakespeare in my teens the character criticism of the nineteenth century stood between me and my enjoyment. There were all sorts of things in the plays which I could have enjoyed; but I had got it into my head that the only proper and grown-up way of appreciating Shakespeare was to be very interested in the truth and subtlety of his character drawing. A play opened with thunder and lightning and witches on a heath. This was very much in my line: but oh the disenchantment when I was told—or thought I was told—that what really ought to concern me was the effect of these witches on Macbeth’s character!
C.S. Lewis, “Hamlet: The Prince or the Poem?” Annual Shakespeare Lecture, 22 April 1942 (via nwclerk)

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Those who venerate good St. Anne shall want for nothing, either in this life or the next.

Abbot Trithemius

Tuesday Dedicated to Saint Anne

St. Anne obtains numerous favors for those who dedicate Tuesday to her honor. The Blessed Virgin is said to have revealed to different Saints that she wished them to practice special devotion in honor of her glorious mother each Tuesday.

   An ancient tradition tells us that when St. Anne was about to die, Our Lord addressed her thus:

          “Blessed art thou, My beloved grandparent! All who venerate thee shall have blessings for soul and body. If they invoke thee in their needs, I will hear them for thy name’s sake. Since thou dost die on a Tuesday, I appoint this day for thy honor, and I will grant the prayers of all who honor thee on this day.”

   Various devotions may be practiced on Tuesdays. It will greatly please St. Anne if on this day we assist at Holy Mass and receive Holy Communion in her honor and offer it to God in thanksgiving for the prerogatives bestowed upon her. St. Gertrude beheld in a vision how pleasing it is to the Saints if we thank God for the graces He has bestowed upon them. It was revealed to her that those who do this will be adorned with the merits of the Saints they thus honor.

     There is also another simple way by which we may show our veneration for St. Anne. We are told that she was very charitable and gave alms freely. It will give her great joy if we give alms in her honor on Tuesdays.

     One may also pray the Hail Mary nine times in honor of the nine months during which she bore 
   the Immaculate Virgin Mary in her womb.

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